White, John and Anna

Barbara (White) Behnke's Grandparents, Father, and Aunts & Uncles

About 1910

Jackson County, Indiana

This picture was sent to me by Barbara (White) Behnke, my Third Cousin Once Removed. Barbara and I came in contact because our family lines met in Rosenfeld, Wurtemburg. She says "Here's a photo of the John White family probably taken about 1910 or 11. John and Anna nee Altemeyer are seated. The kids from left to right are Nellie, Fred, Caroline, Elsie, Oscar and Ray, my dad. It's one of my favorite photos."

From left to right, we have: Nellie Gertrude White (Second Cousin Twice Removed, born 12 Sep 1907, age 2 ), Fred Walter White (Second Cousin Twice Removed, born 11 Dec 1898, age 11), John Frederick White (First Cousin Thrice Removed, born 16 Aug 1858, age 51), Caroline Elizabeth White (Second Cousin Twice Removed, born 10 Mar 1895, age 15), Elsie Verl White (Second Cousin Twice Removed, born 2 Jan 1901, age 9), Oscar Charles Henry White (Second Cousin Twice Removed, born 13 Dec 1896, age 13), Anna S. M. Altemeyer (born 27 Dec 1874, age 35), and Elmer Raymond White (her dad -- my Second Cousin Twice Removed, born 30 May 1903, age 7).

Links to persons on this web site:
John Frederick White (16 Aug 1858) First Cousin Thrice Removed
Anna S. M. Altemeyer (27 Dec 1874)
Caroline Elizabeth White (10 Mar 1895) Second Cousin Twice Removed
Oscar Charles Henry White (13 Dec 1897) Second Cousin Twice Removed
Frederick White (11 Dec 1898) Second Cousin Twice Removed
Elsie Verl White (2 Jan 1901) Second Cousin Twice Removed
Elmer Raymond White (30 May 1903) Second Cousin Twice Removed
Nellie Gertrude White (12 Sep 1907) Second Cousin Twice Removed

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