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Ziff-Davis Net 5-Star Rated Software Family Matters 97 Splash ScreenFamily Matters 3.31 was a finalist in the Family Internet category in the 1998 Ziff-Davis Shareware Awards competition.

This is the MatterWare™ Family Matters Genealogy Software download page. Your registration can be ordered by going to the on-line order page. The cost of registration of Family Matters Shareware is US$35. If you are a user of Family Matters versions prior to 5.00, you are already registered for Family Matters. If upgrading, don't install Family Matters into the same directory you have your old Family Matters in. From version 5.00 and later, copy the program into a subfolder of your ...\Username\Documents structure. To return to Family Matters home page, click here

Development of version 5.xx is with Microsoft Access 2010/2013/2016, and is free to all registered users. Details are on the Family Matters Beta page.

Download Family Matters Genealogy Software

If you have Access 2010, 2013, or 2016 you have what you need. If you do not, the free Microsoft Access Runtime is what need. Download and unzip it into a folder in the ...\Username\Documents structure in your computer, which may be (for instance) C:\Users\usename\Documents\Family Matters\

Once have registered your copy of Family Matters, you will have the ability to store as many families and persons in as many different files as you wish. If you have not yet registered, the only limitation is that once you have reached or exceeded twenty families in a data file, you'll not be able to enter more. (Hint: a GEDCOM import can exceed it by thousands.) Payment of the registration / order fee will provide you with a UserID, Key Code, and the latest version by mail. (But then, if you've downloaded from here, you already have the latest version.) Once you have tried it, if you are now convinced that this is a great value, go to the on-line order page to order Family Matters now! You'll still have your registration codes by the end of the day, or at worse another day or so!

If you would like to send me e-mail about MatterWare and Family Matters, click here. Just make sure you tell me which version we're talking about, and anything else that's relevant.

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