Family Matters 5.00 Beta Download Page

Welcome to the MatterWare™ Family Matters® Genealogy Software Web page, for the new beta version, 5.00.xx, initially 5.00.01 and now 5.00.12 as of June 18. Once out of beta it will be designated 5.01. Development is ongoing with Microsoft Access 2016, and will be free to all registered users. In addition to the upgrade to a newer version of Access, the following features and changes have been incorporated:

Download-wise, I will post the zip files here:

If Access 2016 is already installed in your computer, or the Access 2016 runtime is installed, that's all you will need. As luck would have it, .accde files are different for 32-bit Access and 64-bit Access. Family Matters is developed and compiled with 32-bit Access 2016.

The zip-file includes all needed files with:

Installation is simply to unzip the files into a folder such as ...\My Documents\Family Matters\. If you were a past user of Family Matters 97, you may choose to unzip them into ...\My Documents\Famat97\, though the former will be the preferred location going forward. There isn't a setup file to run. To run the program just run Famat500.accde with your 32-bit Access, version 2010 or later. If you are using Windows 10 your computer may set up the Access 2016 Runtime for you. If you do not have any version of Access, go to the Microsoft web site to download and install the free 32-bit Access 2010 Runtime at, the Access 2013 Runtime at or the Access 2016 Runtime at Note that Access 2016 the file format of Family Matters is also compatible with Access versions 2010 and 2013. Lastly, even if you do have a full version of Access installed, you may choose to use one of the runtime programs because the standard Access ribbon menus will not be in the way of the Family Matters menus.

Known shortcomings:

Should you decide to participate, please email me with the following information: