Johann Georg Tafel (First Cousin Six Times Removed)
Father3 Oct 1728Johann Jacob Tafel (Sixth Great Uncle)
Mother7 Sep 1750Anna Katharina Keller
Birth5 Jan 1776Rosenfeld, Duchy of Württemberg
Christening6 Jan 1776Rosenfeld, Duchy of Württemberg
Death23 Mar 1835Rosenfeld, Schwarzwaldkreis, Kingdom of Württemberg

Maria Katharina Mohl (female)
Birth12 Jun 1787Rosenfeld, Duchy of Württemberg
Christening13 Jun 1787Rosenfeld, Duchy of Württemberg
Death21 Feb 1849Rosenfeld, Duchy of Württemberg

Family of Johann Georg Tafel & Maria Katharina Mohl
Marriage3 Oct 1809Rosenfeld, Schwarzwaldkreis, Kingdom of Württemberg
Boy15 Mar 1812Johann Jakob Tafel

Johann Jakob Tafel (Second Cousin Five Times Removed)
Father5 Jan 1776Johann Georg Tafel (First Cousin Six Times Removed)
Mother12 Jun 1787Maria Katharina Mohl
Birth15 Mar 1812Rosenfeld, Schwarzwaldkreis, Kingdom of Württemberg
Death7 Mar 1880Rosenfeld, Duchy of Württemberg

Johanna Christiane Schmid (female)
Father1 Dec 1787Johannes Schmid
Mother10 Dec 1781Agnes Luippold
Birth9 Apr 1816Rosenfeld, Schwarzwaldkreis, Kingdom of Württemberg
Death3 Aug 1888Rosenfeld, Duchy of Württemberg

Family of Johann Jakob Tafel & Johanna Christiane Schmid
Marriage3 May 1836Rosenfeld, Schwarzwaldkreis, Kingdom of Württemberg
Girl22 Jan 1841Agnes Katharina Tafel

Agnes Katharina Tafel (Third Cousin Four Times Removed)
Father15 Mar 1812Johann Jakob Tafel (Second Cousin Five Times Removed)
Mother9 Apr 1816Johanna Christiane Schmid
Birth22 Jan 1841Rosenfeld, Schwarzwaldkreis, Kingdom of Württemberg
Christening24 Jan 1841Rosenfeld, Schwarzwaldkreis, Kingdom of Württemberg
Death5 Jul 1898Rosenfeld, Duchy of Württemberg

Wilhelm Stotz (male)
Birth25 Oct 1841Rosenfeld, Schwarzwaldkreis, Kingdom of Württemberg
Death10 Dec 1910Tübingen, Duchy of Württemberg

Family of Agnes Katharina Tafel & Wilhelm Stotz
Marriage24 Oct 1867Rosenfeld, Duchy of Württemberg
Boy17 Dec 1871Reinhold Stotz

Christoph Tafel (Seventh Great Grandfather)
FatherAbout 1650Christopher Tafel (Eighth Great Grandfather)
MotherAbout 1655Barbara Cn (Eighth Great Grandmother)
Birth7 Apr 1678Rosenfeld, Duchy of Württemberg
Death14 Jun 1764Rosenfeld, Duchy of Württemberg

Anna Maria Schmied (Seventh Great Grandmother)
Father13 Apr 1644Jakob Schmied (Eighth Great Grandfather)
Mother23 Mar 1650Christina Barbara Treiber (Eighth Great Grandmother)
Birth21 Dec 1680Ofterdingen, Tübingen, Duchy of Württemberg
Death15 Feb 1739Rosenfeld, Duchy of Württemberg

Family of Christoph Tafel & Anna Maria Schmied
Marriage10 Nov 1697Rosenfeld, Duchy of Württemberg
Boy29 Sep 1699Johann Konrad Tafel (Sixth Great Grandfather)
Girl1702Ürsula Elisabetha Tafel
GirlEst 1704Anna Margaret Tafel
Girl17 Jun 1707Anna Barbara Tafel
GirlEst 1709Anna Maria Tafel
BoyEst 1711Christopher Tafel

Christopher Tafel (Eighth Great Grandfather)
Father9 Dec 1622Hans Ludwig Tafel (Ninth Great Grandfather)
Mother1626Ursula Kieffer (Ninth Great Grandmother)
BirthAbout 1650Unknown
Death14 Jun 1764Rosenfeld

Barbara Cn (Eighth Great Grandmother)
BirthAbout 1655Unknown

Family of Christopher Tafel & Barbara Cn
Boy7 Apr 1678Christoph Tafel (Seventh Great Grandfather)

Hans Ludwig Tafel (Ninth Great Grandfather)
Father1 Jan 1587Christoph Tafel (Tenth Great Grandfather)
Mother6 Jan 1583Anna Knöll (Tenth Great Grandmother)
Birth9 Dec 1622Unknown
Death2 Mar 1700Rosenfeld

Ursula Kieffer (Ninth Great Grandmother)

Family of Hans Ludwig Tafel & Ursula Kieffer
Marriage1 Sep 1646Rosenfeld
BoyAbout 1650Christopher Tafel (Eighth Great Grandfather)
Boy11 Jun 1653Severus Tafel

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