Anna Maria Schmied (Seventh Great Grandmother)
Father13 Apr 1644Jakob Schmied (Eighth Great Grandfather)
Mother23 Mar 1650Christina Barbara Treiber (Eighth Great Grandmother)
Birth21 Dec 1680Ofterdingen, Tübingen, Duchy of Württemberg
Death15 Feb 1739Rosenfeld, Duchy of Württemberg

Jakob Witzig (male)
Birth8 Apr 1665Plochingen, Esslingen, Duchy of Württemberg
Death29 Sep 1744Plochingen, Esslingen, Duchy of Württemberg

Family of Anna Maria Schmied & Jakob Witzig
Marriage28 Jul 1705Plochingen, Esslingen, Duchy of Württemberg
Boy10 Apr 1706Georg Friedrich Witzig
Girl1716Maria Barbara Witzig

Jakob Schmied (Eighth Great Grandfather)
Birth13 Apr 1644 Ofterdingen, Tübingen, Duchy of Württemberg Ofterdingen, Tubingen, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany
Death13 Jan 1722Ofterdingen, Tübingen, Duchy of Württemberg

Christina Barbara Treiber (Eighth Great Grandmother)
Birth23 Mar 1650Ofterdingen, Tübingen, Duchy of Württemberg
Death13 Jan 1722Unknown

Family of Jakob Schmied & Christina Barbara Treiber
Marriage3 Nov 1668: Ofterdingen, Tubingen, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany Ofterdingen, Tubingen, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany
Girl22 Feb 1670Appolonia Schmid
Boy9 Nov 1678Peter Schmid
Girl21 Dec 1680Anna Maria Schmied (Seventh Great Grandmother)
Girl7 May 1683Christina Barbara Schmid
Boy11 Aug 1687Balthas Schmid

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