Hans Tafler (Twelfth Great Grandfather)
FatherAbout 1485Sebastian Tafler (Thirteenth Great Grandfather)
BirthAbout 1523Unknown
DeathAbout 1599Unknown

Anna N. (Twelfth Great Grandmother)
BirthAbout 1525Unknown
DeathAfter 1596Unknown

Family of Hans Tafler & Anna N.
BoyBet 1546 and 1552Stefan Tafel
MarriageAbout 1546Rosenfeld, Sulz, Württemberg
Boy1549Hans Tafel
BoyAbout 1551Jakob Tafel
BoyAbout 1553Martin Tafel
BoyAbout 1555Georg Tafel
BoyAbout 1557Peter Tafel (Eleventh Great Grandfather)
BoyAbout 1572Severus Tafel

Sebastian Tafler (Thirteenth Great Grandfather)
BirthAbout 1485Unknown
DeathAbout 1544Unknown

Family of Sebastian Tafler
BoyAbout 1523Hans Tafler (Twelfth Great Grandfather)

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