Johann Jakob Nagel (Fifth Great Uncle)
Father3 Dec 1743Johann Jakob Nagel (Fifth Great Grandfather)
Mother2 Mar 1732/33Anna Maria Tafel (Fifth Great Grandmother)
Birth25 Jun 1769Rosenfeld, Duchy of Württemberg
Death3 Jan 1840Unknown

Anna Maria Mohl (female)
FatherEst 1741Johann Abraham Mohl
MotherEst 1746Maria Catharina Blum
Birth13 Jun 1771Duchy of Württemberg
Death2 Jan 1838Unknown

Family of Johann Jakob Nagel & Anna Maria Mohl
Marriage7 Nov 1797Unknown
Girl10 Aug 1798Maria Catharina Nagel
Girl8 Sep 1799Maria Catharina Nagel
Girl13 Feb 1801Elisabethe Nagel
Boy2 Jan 1802Johannes Nagel
Girl22 Jan 1804Elisabethe Nagel
Boy24 Nov 1806Johann Abraham Nagel
Boy13 Feb 1809Johann Adam Nagel
Girl13 Apr 1810Anna Nagel
Boy6 Aug 1813Johann Abraham Nagel

Johann Jacob Nagel (Fourth Great Uncle)
Father18 Dec 1766Johann Konrad Nagel (Fourth Great Grandfather)
Mother22 Jul 1767Elizabethe Margaretha Beutter (Fourth Great Grandmother)
Birth30 Dec 1795Rosenfeld, Duchy of Württemberg
Confirmation1809Rosenfeld, Schwarzwaldkreis, Kingdom of Württemberg
Death14 Jul 1843Unknown

Maria Dorothea Hauser (female)
FatherAbout 1770Johann Hauser
MotherAbout 1775Johanna Carolina S*geter
Birth11 Mar 1806Unknown
Death28 Mar 1846Unknown

Family of Johann Jacob Nagel & Maria Dorothea Hauser
Marriage13 Feb 1826Rosenfeld, Schwarzwaldkreis, Kingdom of Württemberg
Boy19 Nov 1826Johann Konrad Nagel
Boy13 Nov 1827Johann Jacob Nagel
Girl19 May 1829Elizabethe Margaretha Nagel
Girl11 Aug 1830Catherine Nagel
Boy23 Oct 1832Johann Christoph Nagel
Boy21 Jul 1835Johann Georg Nagel
Girl5 Jan 1838Anna Nagel
Boy29 Sep 1841Johann Heinrich Nagel

Johann Christoph Nagel (Half Fifth Great Uncle)
Father3 Dec 1743Johann Jakob Nagel (Fifth Great Grandfather)
Mother18 Jul 1769Rosina Stehle
Birth24 Apr 1800Rosenfeld, Duchy of Württemberg
Confirmation1814Rosenfeld, Schwarzwaldkreis, Kingdom of Württemberg
Death7 May 1894Unknown

Anna Madgelena Maurer (female)
FatherAbout 1770Johann Jacob Maurer
MotherAbout 1775Anna Magdelena Halter
Birth30 Jan 1801Duchy of Württemberg
Death14 Mar 1865Unknown

Family of Johann Christoph Nagel & Anna Madgelena Maurer
Marriage7 Jun 1825Rosenfeld, Schwarzwaldkreis, Kingdom of Württemberg
Girl28 Feb 1826Anonyma Nagel
Girl10 Feb 1827Rosina Nagel
Girl29 Aug 1828Regina Nagel
Girl27 May 1831Christina Regina Nagel
Boy14 Dec 1833Knäbchen Nagel
Girl15 Jan 1835Maria Katharina Nagel
Child6 Jun 1836Johann Jakob Nagel
Girl24 Jul 1838Anna Magdelena Nagel
Boy17 May 1841Gottlob Friedrich Nagel
Boy18 Mar 1843Jakob Friedrich Nagel

Johannes Nagel (First Cousin Five Times Removed)
Father25 Jun 1769Johann Jakob Nagel (Fifth Great Uncle)
Mother13 Jun 1771Anna Maria Mohl
Birth2 Jan 1802Rosenfeld, Duchy of Württemberg
Confirmation1816Rosenfeld, Schwarzwaldkreis, Kingdom of Württemberg
Death19 Nov 1873Unknown

Anna Maria Traub (female)
FatherAbout 1870Johann Heinrich Traub
MotherAbout 1875Anna Maria Stotz
Birth5 Apr 1800Duchy of Württemberg
Death13 Nov 1855Unknown

Family of Johannes Nagel & Anna Maria Traub
Marriage26 Feb 1827Rosenfeld, Schwarzwaldkreis, Kingdom of Württemberg
Girl10 Nov 1827Anna Maria Nagel
Girl19 Sep 1829Elisabethe Nagel
Boy7 Feb 1832Johann Jacob Nagel
Boy25 Jan 1835Johann Heinrich Nagel
Boy27 Sep 1837Johann Friedrich Nagel
Boy9 Mar 1840Johannes Nagel
Girl13 May 1842Barbara Nagel
Girl30 Apr 1846Anna Nagel

Maria Catharina Nagel (First Cousin Five Times Removed)
Father25 Jun 1769Johann Jakob Nagel (Fifth Great Uncle)
Mother13 Jun 1771Anna Maria Mohl
Birth8 Sep 1799Rosenfeld, Duchy of Württemberg
Confirmation1813Rosenfeld, Schwarzwaldkreis, Kingdom of Württemberg
Death15 Oct 1844Unknown

Johann Friedrich Eitel (male)
FatherAbout 1757Johann Georg Eitel
MotherAbout 1762Maria Agnes
Birth16 Jan 1787Duchy of Württemberg
Death24 May 1850Unknown

Family of Maria Catharina Nagel & Johann Friedrich Eitel
Marriage12 Oct 1824Rosenfeld, Schwarzwaldkreis, Kingdom of Württemberg

Anna Nagel (First Cousin Five Times Removed)
Father22 Jan 1765Johannes Nagel (Fifth Great Uncle)
Mother8 Jan 1765Anna Maria Stotz
Birth7 Jan 1795Rosenfeld, Duchy of Württemberg
Confirmation1809Rosenfeld, Schwarzwaldkreis, Kingdom of Württemberg
Death17 Jan 1853Unknown

Johann Jacob Müller (male)
FatherAbout 1755Johann Freidrich Müller
Mother1760Anna Magdalena Springer
Birth18 Apr 1792Rosenfeld, Duchy of Württemberg
Death16 Dec 1878Unknown

Family of Anna Nagel & Johann Jacob Müller
Marriage9 Mar 1820Rosenfeld, Schwarzwaldkreis, Kingdom of Württemberg
Girl28 Mar 1822Anna Maria Müller
Girl1 Aug 1824Anna Magdalena Müller
Girl18 Dec 1826Maria Catharina Müller
Girl18 Dec 1826Rosina Müller
Boy24 Sep 1828Johann Jacob Müller
Boy13 Apr 1832Johannes Müller
Girl18 Apr 1834Maria Catharina Müller

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