Ancestry From Sicily

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Domenico Granato and Maria Maci were married in Lentini, Provincia di Siracusa in Sicily, on May 1, 1918. Domenico was 21 years old, and Maria was to turn 18 later that month. Just more than two years later, with Maria pregnant with their first child, Domenico left for America to join Maria's brother Salvatore Maci, in Omaha, Nebraska, where many people from Lentini had headed. Omaha was a popular destination for the men and families of Lentini and the nearby town of Carlentini. The Omaha attraction primarily was a community of friends and relatives that would serve as sponsors and supporters. Domenico arrived in America Sep 25, 1920 having departed Palermo nearly three weeks earlier.

In Omaha, Domenico worked to earn money to pay for his wife and daughter to join him later in America. Like him, many people from Lentini, Sicily, had gone to Omaha to settle with their families, or to earn money and settle elsewhere. Domenico worked in Omaha for four years, 1920 to 1924, before returning to his home in Lentini. Again, he returned to Omaha to earn more, arriving in New York on September 27 1925.

Finally, two years later, Domenico had gathered enough money for the family to reunite, in New York City. Maria and daughter Tecla arrived in New York on December 4, 1927. They were headed for 131 Union Street, in Brooklyn, NY.

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